Do you need your film converted to tape or slit to custom widths?

Do you require our adhesive films converted and cut to tape size with minimal waste?


Well, have we got some good news for you!

Introducing the newest member of the Protective Trade Group family, our very own state of the art tape and film slitting machine!  Cut a wide variety of tapes, adhesive film logs too your custom widths with almost no material waste.

Custom size adhesive tapes are an essential component in various industries, from packaging, construction, automotive to electronics. These tapes are made from thin sheets of material coated with a sticky substance on one or both sides, but for them to be used effectively, they must be cut to the specific dimensions required by the customer. This is where film slitting machine services come in.

Film slitting machine services are specialized processes that use cutting-edge technology and equipment to accurately and precisely cut adhesive films into custom sizes. These services are crucial for companies that use adhesive tapes in their products, as they allow for customization, efficiency, and precision in the production process.

One of the primary benefits of using film slitting machine services is the ability to customize the size and shape of the adhesive tapes to meet specific needs. For example, a company may need to have the tape cut into a specific width for use in a packaging application, or a different width for use in a construction application. The slitting process also allows for a wide range of thicknesses to be achieved by applying the right amount of force and speed of cutting the tape.

Another benefit of film slitting machine services is the ability to produce large quantities of custom size adhesive tapes quickly and efficiently. Slitting machines are capable of cutting large rolls of tape into smaller sizes at a high speed, which is ideal for companies that need to produce large quantities of adhesive tape on a regular basis.

Furthermore, film slitting machine services provide a high level of accuracy and precision. A well-maintained slitting machine can cut the tape with minimal margin of error which is crucial for industries that require high precision on their products, additionally clean and smooth cut is produced reducing the risk of tearing or fraying.

In conclusion, film slitting machine services are a valuable resource for companies that use custom size adhesive tapes in their products. These services allow for customization, efficiency, and precision in the production process, ensuring a high-quality final product that meets the specific requirements of the customer. Choosing a reputable film slitting machine service provider is crucial to guarantee the precision, accuracy, and quality of the final product.

Maximum roll dimensions: 1700mm x 310mm

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