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Protect Your Surfaces with Our Top-Quality Protection Tapes

Protect many surfaces with our range of clean removal surface protection tapes

Protection tapes are an essential solution for any construction or renovation project. Our range of protection tapes is designed to provide a reliable barrier against scratches, spills, and other damages to your work surfaces. Choose from a variety of materials and adhesives to find the perfect protection tape for your specific needs. Our protection tapes are easy to apply, remove, and leave no residue, ensuring a clean and efficient workspace. Shop now and protect your valuable surfaces with our high-quality protection tapes

Surface Protection Tapes PE and PVC clean removal

Brand: Bock Tapes Model: B-W60
Introducing BOCK Washi Painters Tape: Elevate Your Painting Experience! Experience the unparalleled quality of BOCK Washi Painters Tape, the ultimate choice for all your painting needs. Crafted from premium washi rice paper sourced from Japanese shrubs, this exceptional tape offers a range of rem..
from $5.78
Ex Tax:from $5.25
Brand: iQuip Model: 16ET18
Looking for a masking tape that can handle both indoor and outdoor settings? Look no further than the iQuip Envo Tape 30 plus Days UV Resistant Masking Tape. With its medium tack acrylic adhesive, this tape offers strong adhesion to a variety of surfaces, and is perfect for use with all types of pai..
from $3.21
Ex Tax:from $2.92
Brand: iQuip Model: 16JWT
Introducing iQuip iGecko Masking Painters Tape - the best choice for your painting needs! This exceptional tape is made from washi rice paper sourced from Japanese shrubs, resulting in an ultra-thin, lightweight, and almost transparent paper that minimizes paint build-up and bridging. With increased..
from $7.51
Ex Tax:from $6.83
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: AFT115
Anodized Aluminum Frame Protection Tape Shield your surfaces with precision using our Anodized Aluminum Frame Protection Tape. Crafted for clean removal and leaving no residue behind, this tape is the ideal choice for safeguarding metal thresholds, aluminum doors, window frames, and various paint..
from $9.24
Ex Tax:from $8.40
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: SPT-PVC
A excellent PVC surface protection tape, with clean removal properties.  Outdoor UV stable tape for surfaces like aluminium window frame and door frames a 115 micron thick PVC tape, protect metal thresholds aluminium doors and different painted surfaces during installation and construction works...
from $14.03
Ex Tax:from $12.76
BOCK Easy Tear White Frame PE Protection Tape BOCK Easy Tear White Frame PE Protection Tape
-18 %
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: B-ETPE
Bock Easy Tear PE Protection Tape: Effortless and Clean Removal for Ultimate Surface Protection! Experience the convenience and reliability of Bock EasyTear PE Protection Tape. Designed with your needs in mind, this adhesive tape offers exceptional tearability and clean removal without leaving an..
from $5.69 from $6.93
Ex Tax:from $5.17
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: SPTPE-614
Aluminium Window Frame Protection Tape, PE clean removal, leaves no residue behind. A great surface protection tape used to protect metal thresholds, aluminium doors, window frames and different painted surfaces during installation and construction works. 100 Micron black polyethylene High cohe..
from $2.20
Ex Tax:from $2.00
Carpet Edge Tape Adhesive Film Handy Roll Carpet Edge Tape Adhesive Film Handy Roll
Custom Branding
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: CT-AF
CARPET PROTECTOR EDGE TAPE Handy Size Rolls Tape right up to your skirting boards or used for taping down AV and power cables at party's or events! This self adhesive sticky back plastic film handy rolls are easily applied and removed. Protects from dirt, dust, paint & spills during renovating, D..
from $15.40
Ex Tax:from $14.00
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: BET-72mm
BOCK Edge Tape 60 Day Clean Removal 72mm X 50m A 60 Day Clean Removal Edge Tape! a easy release floor protection tape, yet strong enough to hold down Builder Board and Ram Board, Corriboard and PADiT securely in place This 72mm wide masking tape is not only generous but also a powerhouse in ea..
Ex Tax:$19.69
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: APC-B/W-T
Aluminium profile protection tape is a clean removal self adhesive protection tape for aluminium composite panels and window frames Up to 6 months of clean removal protection. A Temporary protective film for aluminium composite panel, pre-coated metal, uncoated metal, extrusion profiles, sheet plas..
Ex Tax:$8.92
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: SPTPVC-LOG
PVC clean removal tape that leaves no residue behind. A great surface protection tape used to protect metal thresholds, aluminium doors, window frames and different painted surfaces during installation and construction works. PVC 115 micron thick tape 66M length 1250mm log cut to a single s..
Ex Tax:$309.75
Brand: Nitto Model: 7288
Nitto Washi Masking Tape No. 7288 Heat resistance Washi Japanese flat paper masking tape Sold in Box Qty Features Waterproof Does not change color or leave adhesive residue, even after used for 30 minutes in a 150℃ condition Excellent workability, does not tear when peeled. Backing..
Ex Tax:$567.00
JOYNA Surface Protection PE Tape Q913
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Brand: PROTRADE Model: SPT-Q913
Introducing Joyna Q913 Protective Tape a versatile solution for safeguarding metal surfaces. Measuring 48mm x 66m, this black protection tape offers exceptional UV protection, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. With a sturdy 100um thick LDPE backing and a reliable natural rubber ..
Ex Tax:$16.80
Brand: iQuip Model: 16PED24
Achieve professional-level results with the iQuip Envo Tape Delicate Purple. Designed for delicate surfaces, this tape offers exceptional performance and convenience for your painting projects. Here are some key features that make it the ideal choice: Features: Low tack adhesion: Specifical..
Ex Tax:$8.53
BOCK Envy 30 Day Painter's Masking Tape
Coming Soon
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: B-E30
BOCK Envy 30 Day Masking Tape: Unleash Precision and Performance! Revolutionise your masking game with our latest innovation, Bock Envy 30 Day Masking Tape. Crafted for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, this tape is designed to elevate your projects to perfection. Key Features: Exten..
Ex Tax:$3.15
BOCK 14+ Day Blue Painters Tape
Coming Soon
Brand: Bock Tapes Model: B-B14
BOCK 14 Day Blue Painters Tape: Precision, Clean Removal, and Versatility Unleash precision in every stroke with BOCK 14 Day Blue Painters Tape. This versatile tape is crafted to deliver sharp paint lines on various surfaces, offering an unparalleled masking experience. The crepe-backed design en..
Ex Tax:$6.61
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