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Top-Quality PVC Duct Tape for Reliable Sealing and Bonding

Versatile and Durable PVC Duct Tape for Various Applications

Our PVC Duct Joining Tape is a reliable and durable solution for connecting and sealing air ducts. Made from high-quality PVC material and featuring a strong adhesive, this tape ensures a tight and secure seal that withstands extreme temperatures and pressure. Its flexibility and conformability make it easy to apply and ideal for use in various applications, including HVAC, insulation, and air conditioning systems. Whether you're joining new ducts or repairing existing ones, our PVC Duct Joining Tape is the perfect choice for your needs

Choose from Our Range of PVC Duct Tapes for Your Specific Needs

Brand: Nitto Model: 204E
Nitto's Duct tape 204E is a premium grade, fully plasticized PVC joining and sealing tape consisting of a pure (no fillers) film with a primed rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive and totally lead free. Nitto Duct Tape is the preferred choice for installers of HVAC ducting. Features: L..
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Brand: PPC Model: 41348G
PVC Duct tape is the universal tape for sealing, taping, repairing, marking, binding and joining many different items and surfaces.0.15mm thicknessSelf-extinguishingMeets the requirements for duct tape in AS4254.1 ~ 2021Also used for joining plastic sheeting including concrete underlayAvailable in B..
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