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Maintain a Clean and Safe Work Environment with Our Clean Room Products

Eliminate dust and debris from working areas with our range of clean room products, keep dust and other dangerous contaminants like asbestos away! 

Our Clean Room category offers a range of products designed to help you maintain a clean and safe work environment. From asbestos overalls and P2 respiratory masks to nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, sticky mats, and shoe boot covers, we have everything you need to protect yourself and your team from harmful contaminants.

Our asbestos overalls and P2 respiratory masks are specially designed to provide reliable protection against airborne particles, including those associated with asbestos and other hazardous materials. Our gloves, mats, and shoe boot covers, on the other hand, are designed to help prevent the spread of contaminants from shoes and clothing.

At our company, we take pride in offering high-quality products that are both effective and easy to use. Our Clean Room products are no exception, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions to their contamination control needs. Whether you are working in a clean room, laboratory, hospital, or industrial setting, our products can help you maintain a safe and clean environment for you and your team.

Browse our selection of Clean Room products today and discover why we are a trusted name in contamination control. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always available to answer your questions and help you find the right products for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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Brand: PORTWEST Model: ST40
The spacious design guarantees a good fit and will not limit job performance. Made up of millions of polyethylene fibres that are spunbonded giving an excellent barrier, toughness and strength in all directions. Elasticated hood, ankles, cuffs and waist, along with a two-way front zip and sealable f..
Ex Tax:$6.45
Apollo Maxguard SMS Coveralls Type 5 6 Apollo Maxguard SMS Coveralls Type 5 6
Brand: Apollo Model: 4400
Apollo Maxguard SMS Coveralls Type 5 6 Disposable SMS 50gsm Coveralls. SMS stands for Spunbound, Meltblown and Spunbound to describe the 3 layers of fabric that form a matrix of fibres that provide liquid resistance yet are still breathable. Certified to conform to: EN IS013982-1:2004 + A1:2010  ..
Ex Tax:$6.19
Brand: PORTWEST Model: ST60
The Microporous Coverall offers excellent chemical, biological and dust protection. Ultra low linting with bound tape seams, an extremely effective barrier to chemicals. Ergonomical design for unrestricted movement, comfort and breathability. Features:  Ergonomically designed for unres..
Ex Tax:$11.64
Brand: PORTWEST Model: ST30
This SMS coverall is generous fitting and easy to put on over work clothes. Offers excellent protection to Type 5 & 6. High tear and abrasion resistance makes it durable. Features include elasticated hood, wrists, waist and ankles. Features:  Asbestos Suitable CE-CAT III Elasticated hoo..
Ex Tax:$6.12
Brand: Apollo Model: 2001
Apollo Black Nitrile Black Powder Free Disposable Gloves provide excellent oil, grease, solvent and chemical resistance. They have excellent strength and offer more puncture resistance than latex and vinyl disposable gloves. Key features: Excellent strength Puncture resistance Great dex..
Ex Tax:$17.85
Type 5/6 Microporous coveralls with hood are a type of protective clothing that is designed to provide protection against hazardous substances and particles. They are made from a microporous material that is breathable and lightweight, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. The covera..
Ex Tax:$9.97
Maxisafe Koolguard White Protective Coveralls Type 5/6 CAT III
Brand: Maxisafe Model: COT619
Maxisafe Koolguard White Microporous Protective Coveralls Type 5/6 CAT III The Maxisafe range of coveralls are designed to protect workers from a range of hazardous substances, products and processes. They are typically used in situations where cleanliness and hygiene are critical for protection fr..
Ex Tax:$11.55
Brand: Apollo Model: 1025
Apollo Blue Nitrile Blue Powder Free Examination Gloves are medical grade and food grade. Made from a soft formulation to offer a comfortable feel and fit. High strength and non-sterile with high resistance to tears and punctures. Excellent resistance from a broad range of chemicals. Key features..
Ex Tax:$13.13
Sticky Mat Dust Control Adhesive Mats Sticky Mat Dust Control Adhesive Mats
Custom Branding Sold Out
Brand: Stick n Protect Model: stickymat96
Sticky Mat Dust Control Adhesive Mats - 30 sheets per Mat A self adhesive tacky mat that catches dirt and grime from workers boots and shoes for industrial, construction and other cleanroom requirements, a great way to protect and contain dirt carried in by shoes and boots. Place the Mat at an en..
Ex Tax:$40.43
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR462
Bastion Pacific Type 5 / 6 Disposable SMS Coveralls Asbestos Suitable Coveralls and overalls used in many different industries, protect yourself from paints,liquids,sprays and powders with the SMS Asbestos suitable overalls. Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond (SMS) 3-layer SMS coverall that offers high ..
Ex Tax:$10.40
3M Protective Coveralls 4570 Type 3 3M Protective Coveralls 4570 Type 3
-15 %
Brand: 3M Model: 4570
The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4570 is designed to offer an excellent barrier to hazardous particles and certain liquid splashes, sprays and jets. The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4570 is a high performance chemical protective suit, certified to Type 3/4/5/6 levels of protection, making it suitable to pr..
$42.71 $50.25
Ex Tax:$38.83
Brand: 3M Model: 4510
The 3M Protective Coverall 4510 TYPE 5 / 6 is an economic solution which offers quality and protection from limited chemical splashes such as those from paint spraying and is certified as CE Type 5/6 protection standard. The material is microporous, allowing air and moisture to escape from within th..
Ex Tax:$9.45
Maxisafe Aquaguard Microporous Type 4/5/6 Coverall CAT III Maxisafe Aquaguard Microporous Type 4/5/6 Coverall CAT III
-16 %
Brand: Maxisafe Model: COW973
Maxisafe Aquaguard Type 4/5/6 Coverall CAT III Water impermeable, microporous material Stitched and taped seams provides increased strength and an effective liquid and particle barrier  Two-way zipper front with double storm flap Durable, tear resistant construction Anti-static treatm..
$15.04 $17.90
Ex Tax:$13.67
Chlorinated Polyethylene Waterproof Shoe Boot Covers
-15 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR78131
Chlorinated Disposable Polyethylene Shoe Boot Covers Waterproof 50 pairs BNR78131 HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification, Made from CPE embossed film and elastic ,Lightweight, waterproof SIZE: 15cm height / 1 size fits all  Recommended for Construction, mould remediation, medical st..
$14.69 $17.27
Ex Tax:$13.35
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR28131
Bastion Pacific Polypropylene Shoe Cover, Non Slip Sole, Blue Colour BNR28131, Sold in Carton QTY of 500 Pairs Excellent contamination prevention between footwear and work environment Comfortable with good strength and abrasion resistance 40 gsm Polypropylene has non-slip sole and good bre..
Ex Tax:$183.75
SMS Shoe Boot Covers for Asbestos Removal - Bag of 50
-5 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR48221
Bastion SMS Boot Covers have high grip EVA non-slip strips. 50gsm triple layer SMS antistatic material Features:- one size fits most- elastic at top, ties at ankle - HACCP certified and TGA listed   Recommended for Asbestos Removal works PACK / CARTON QTY Pack of 50 pcs  Carton of 2..
$67.69 $71.26
Ex Tax:$61.54
Brand: iQuip Model: 32GN
Tough & Strong, Powder Free, Micro Textured 6 Mil Thick - 100% Nitrile Low Sweat Technology FEATURES AND BENEFITS Tougher and thicker than standard disposable nitrile gloves Improved protection from chemicals, solvents, oil and grease Designed for paint, industrial and automotiv..
Ex Tax:$26.25
Brand: Apollo Model: 4500
The Apollo Maxguard 5+ Microporous Coveralls Type 5 6 consists of a microporous material provides liquid resistance and added breathability through its layered construction. Classified for Category III risks. Certified to conform to: EN IS013982-1:2004 + A1:2010  Type 5 Barrier to airborne parti..
Ex Tax:$7.24
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR53221
Bastion Pacific PVC Apron, with Hook and Ties 1290mm PVC Fluid Resistant Apron, provides great strength and protection from chemical and liquid splashes, ties with hook at neck and back, A Reusable 1290mm length apron 1 piece per bag 25 per carton..
Ex Tax:$13.13
Brand: 3M Model: 3M-4520
3M Protective Coverall 4520 Type 5/6 Made using the latest lightweight, breathable material technology 3M presents the 3M™ Protective Coverall 4520, a Type 5/6 protective garment. Suit Material: SMMMS Polypropylene Back Panel: SMMMS Polypropylene, Green Popular Choice • Asbestos inspection •..
Ex Tax:$11.03
Microporous Bastion Overalls Coveralls Type 4 5 6 Microporous Bastion Overalls Coveralls Type 4 5 6
Clearance -30 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR36224-8
Bastion Microporous Type 4 5 6 coverall has a 65gsm strength and its tear resistance make this an excellent wholesale coverall.The Bastion 4/5/6 coverall is a bulk coverall that is certified for protection against biological hazards and infective agents. The Bastion 4/5/6 coverall is a industrial co..
$11.32 $16.17
Ex Tax:$10.29
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: DVPF
General Purpose, examination gloves for regular dutyComfortable beaded cuff providing extra strength and preventing liquid roll offDOP & EHP freeLatex freeAmbidextrousCornstarch powder for easy donningBlue Vinyl glovesSizes: S, M, L, XL, XXLQty/Box - 100 piecesQty/Carton - 10 Boxes***please note the..
Ex Tax:$9.66
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNG2962-6
Bastion Latex High Risk Gloves Powder Free High Risk. High Risk gloves are 3 times thicker than standard latex for high risk and heavy duty applications. A safer and cost effective option due to fewer breakages in heavy applications. Micro Textured finish allows for outstanding wet & dry grip. High ..
Ex Tax:$30.98
Disposable Shoe Boot Covers Waterproof 500mm High 50 Pairs
-5 %
Brand: Bastion Pacific Model: BNR68131
Disposable Boot Covers 500mm High, Polyethylene Waterproof Boot Covers BNR68131 Excellent contamination prevention between footwear and work environment Comfortable with good strength and abrasion resistance Boot covers are 500mm high for knee height protection 40 gsm Polypropylene has n..
$34.57 $36.39
Ex Tax:$31.43
Waterproof CPE Boot Cover - Pack of 25 pairs
-7 % Pre-Order
Brand: Maxisafe Model: CBC650
Waterproof CPE Boot Cover - Pack of 25 pairs Features  plastic ankle ties and elastic at the top for a secure fit suitable for Asbestos Removal cast polyethylene (CPE), 0.11mm  universal size, easy to put on waterproof double layered on sole for added abrasion resistance  boot cov..
$96.97 $104.27
Ex Tax:$88.15
Grippaz Skins Semi Disposable Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Gloves Grippaz Skins Semi Disposable Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Gloves
-15 %
Brand: Prochoice Model: GNSBDN
Grippaz Skins patented design on the inside and outside of the glove provides extra traction with oily or wet parts. 6 mil proprietary nitrile blend with patented fish scale pattern is more tear-resistant and puncture-resistant than conventional single-use disposable gloves - for prolonged use and..
$31.42 $36.96
Ex Tax:$28.56
Brand: Apollo Model: 2010
Apollo Clear Vinyl Powder Free Gloves are made from virgin PVC plastics using a unique powderless process and are 100% latex free. Features: Powder Free Latex Free Ambidextrous Premium quality Flexible Easy donning Beaded cuff for extra strength Industries: Food han..
Ex Tax:$7.77
Brand: PORTWEST Model: A030
7 gauge stringknit polycotton liner gloves. Ideal for inspection work or as a warm liner to be worn under another glove.Features:Sold in cartons of 300 pairsBreathable seamless linerThese gloves are ambidextrous and are suitable for left or right handed users for added functionality7 gauge liner for..
Ex Tax:$168.41
Brand: Prochoice Model: WSVL
Pyromate Welders Leather Spats Large FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Red & grey chrome leather with velcro fastening for quick & easy fitting & removal Protects footwear from welding spatter Sold & packaged individually Sizes: L PACK / CARTON QTY: 20..
Ex Tax:$29.74
Brand: Prochoice Model: AF1BK
ProChoice PVC Apron, Durable, full length coverage for Blood, oil and fat resistant Easy on and off limits transfer of contamination between work areas Sold Individually Qty/Carton - 20..
Ex Tax:$24.15
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