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High-Strength Reinforced Tapes, Cloth Tapes, and Filament Strapping Tapes for Your Heavy-Duty Bundling Needs

Reinforced Cross Weave Filament Strapping Tape

Our range of reinforced tapes, cloth tapes, and filament strapping tapes are the ultimate solution for your heavy-duty strapping and bundling needs. Made with high-strength materials, these tapes provide reliable and long-lasting adhesion in even the toughest applications. Whether you're packing, shipping, or bundling items, our reinforced tapes, cloth tapes, and filament strapping tapes are the perfect choice. Choose from our selection of different widths and lengths to suit your specific needs

Durable and Versatile Reinforced Tapes for Bundling and Strapping

Brand: Bock Tapes Model: CT-HM260
Bock Tapes Cloth Tapes Reinforced Quality Hand Tear 48mm X 25M Premium grade PE Coated cloth tape for protection against welding splatter, general holding, bundling, binding and temporary repair applications. A Polyethylene Coated cloth tape for sealing containers and is ideal for light duty jobs..
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Brand: Bock Tapes Model: FJTx45m
Introducing BOCK Tape - the ideal adhesive solution for joining sheets of Corriboard, PAD-iT, Builder Board, and Builders Plastic Films. Made with a high-strength hot melt glue and a cross-weave filament for extra tensile strength. BOCK Filament Tape is 50 microns thick and boasts an extra strong..
from $10.73
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Brand: Bock Tapes Model: RAT-50
Premium Aluminium Foil Tape High performance synthetic adhesive that will stick to the wide variety of insulation. Conformable backing ensuring the most effective moisture barrier seal when applied properly. Very effective moisture & water vapour barrier due to low water vapour transmission rat..
from $18.48
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Brand: iQuip Model: 16KCT25
The NEW PROMASK tape is ideal for renderers and concreters to use as an outdoor cloth tape that sticks to rough and porous surfaces such as render, concrete, brickwork, and roof tiles, as well as windows, glass and wood. PROMASK adheres to PE film that may be required for large areas that need to..
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Concrete Renderers Waterproof Uv 48mm Cloth Tape 509
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Brand: PPC Model: 50948
The 509 Concrete UV stable cloth tape is ideal for renderers and concretors designed for outdoor masking! The 509 Cloth tape adheres to rough surfaces such as brickwork, concrete and other textured surfaces providing a 14 day clean removal cloth tape! Made from a double laminated, UV stabilised wate..
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