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Elevate Every Step with Our Flooring Underlay Solutions

Enhance Acoustic Comfort with Soundproof Underlay

Elevate Every Step with Our Flooring Underlay Solutions

Welcome to our comprehensive range of flooring underlay products, tailored to meet the exacting standards of timber floor installers. We understand that every step counts, which is why our diverse selection of underlay solutions is designed to transform your flooring projects.

Enhance Acoustic Comfort: Our soundproof underlay products are crafted with precision to minimize noise and maximize serenity. Whether you're installing floors in residential spaces, commercial areas, or anywhere in between, our underlays ensure that footsteps are gentle on the ears.

Moisture Protection: For timber floors, moisture can be the silent enemy. Our waterproof underlay selection provides an impermeable barrier against water damage, keeping your floors pristine and long-lasting.

Optimal Support: Achieve a superior level of comfort and stability with our foam underlay options. Each underlay is engineered to provide cushioning underfoot, making your floors not only beautiful but exceptionally comfortable.

We cater to the diverse needs of timber floor installers, ensuring that every project is met with the right underlay solution. The foundation of any exceptional floor lies beneath, and our underlay products set the stage for remarkable results.

Experience the difference in underfoot comfort, acoustic quality, and moisture protection with our meticulously crafted underlays. Your timber floors deserve the best, and that's precisely what we deliver.


Keep Moisture at Bay with Our Waterproof Underlay

Floor underlay 1.2m x 50m
Brand: PROTRADE Model: F-UD
Floating Timber Floor Underlay 1.2m x 50m Optimal Moisture Protection: Our 2mm Foam Underlay, measuring 1.2m x 50m, is enhanced with a 50um laminated film featuring a 100mm overlap. This innovative design ensures thorough moisture protection, safeguarding your floors against potential damage. ..
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