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Safety goggles eye protection

Visar goggle combo, foam bound goggles, filter spec and goggle mask combo

Site Safety Eye Protection Goggles for construction work, Keep your eyes protected with these quality goggles and face visar goggle vadar combo options

Safety Goggles,eye protection,construction work eye protection

Brand: Prochoice Model: 3700
Certified medium impact, anti-scratch Lens Certified liquid splash protection Anti-fog, hardened 2mm lens ideal for use with dust masks in humid conditions 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear Foam bound with wide strap for comfort Indirect Venting Qty/Box - 12 Qty/Carton - 72..
Ex Tax:$18.70
Brand: Prochoice Model: 5000/2
Vadar Goggle Visor CombinationAvailable in Clear & SmokeCertified to AS/NZS1337.1:2010 Lic # 40028 (SAI Global) Medium Impact Wide peripheral vision and face coverage Liquid splash protection Anti-fog lens 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear Ventilated face mask Goggles and face shield can detach Q..
Ex Tax:$33.00
Brand: Prochoice Model: 4900
Excellent general purpose goggles Lightweight providing increased comfort for extended wear 99.9% UV protection for outdoor wear Adjustable strap for custom fit Indirect vent allows airflow and reduces fog build up Qty/Box - 12 Qty/Carton - 144..
Ex Tax:$8.00
Brand: Maxisafe Model: EFG415
High performance goggle Reduced outline for a wider peripheral field of view Seven frame anchorage points to the lens The double lens (polycarbonate outside/acetate inside) offers amazing anti-fog performance Self-regulated nose pad Fully compatible with all fire fighting helmets Neoprene extr..
Ex Tax:$61.80
Brand: Maxisafe Model: ESG456
Maxi Goggles Foam Bound Anti Fog Fully ventilated style Anti-fog, anti-scratch lens Foam bound with wide strap for comfort Good chemical splash resistance Replacement clear and smoke and Shade 5 lenses available Foam is heat and spark resistant! Certified to AS/NZS1337.1:2010 Lic#BMP557823 (B..
Ex Tax:$15.60
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