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Disposable, Safety, Riggers, Cut resistant, Thermal gloves

Site Safety Workers Gloves, PPE gear,rigga mate gloves

We stock a large range of safety gloves and PPE construction jobsite hand protection gloves. Protect one of the most important part of your body, your hands. We stock leather Rigger gloves, synthetic gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, cotton gloves and general purpose gloves. The best hand protection against cuts, punctures, abrasions and handling hazardous chemicals. Pro Trade Group's range of safety gloves provides excellent protection from various hazards in these industries:

Chemicals - Keep your hands dry and protected whilst handling corrosive or hazardous substances or in case of accidental spills

Construction - Construction sites harbour a lot of injury risks. Protect your hands from getting cut by saws, punctured by nails and other injuries

Food Processing - Get a firm grip on produce with food-grade, non-toxic protective gloves while safely slicing, cutting and carving

Manufacturing - Whether industrial, automotive, steel or equipment fabrication, our gloves protect against risks of serious cuts or burns that come with these sectors

Mining - For one of Australia’s toughest industries, we offer gloves to protect against injuries from cutting or digging tools or impact from heavy tools.

leather gloves, construction work gloves, general purpose gloves