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Borg Panels Australian Panel Products Raw MDF Boards, Joinery and Structural Flooring

Borg’s Oberon facilities span across multiple locations within the community, including Australian Panel Products, Plantation Pine Products, and Crossmuller. These companies integrate effectively to deliver superior services from forestry management to raw board products.

Australian Panel Products is Australia’s leading manufacturer of board products for all joinery and structural flooring applications. The business has grown over the years on the back of significant capital investments in automated technologies and a commitment to product innovation and development. This commitment has seen the company rise to the top as best demonstrated by the world class technologies in place in its major manufacturing facilities. These facilities are supported by numerous Crossmuller divisions to enhance state-of-the-art technology, specially curated for the Borg group of companies.

Raw board products are manufactured from sustainably grown pine, sourced through Plantation Pine Products. Plantation Pine Products offer full-service bespoke forestry management services. From leasing and buying land, purchasing of trees, logs and residues, transportation, plantation management and harvesting. Plantation Pine Products is highly aligned with sustainability and has adapted vertical integration through the association with Borg into every aspect of the business. Not only is this cost effective and allows for affordable products and services, vertical integration also benefits the environment. Ensuring the production of the highest quality product in the most cost-effective manufacturing processes is integral to Borg’s intent of delivering superior value to its customers.

Manufacturing and automation solutions to enhance the above processes are curated by Crossmuller, who specialise in the design and development of world-class manufacturing facilities. Automated technology ensures operations are homogenous, creating a cohesive flow between onsite businesses and supply.

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